What is RushBitcoin?
RushBitcoin is a Futuristic bitcoin advertising portal,
for Advertisers and Earners” (Internet-friendly users).

Advertiser can purchase views/visitors for their website(s) or salespages,
facebook site, or just any other deeplink they would like to promote.

RushBitcoin also offers YouTube views, YouTube likes (or dislikes) and YouTube subscribers!
As a advertiser you get amazing advertising tools from RushBitcoin to boost sales, leads, views and more!

Users of our “Earning” offers can earn Satoshi (Bitcoin) for visiting advertiser offers/websites,
watching YouTube videos,  for leaving “likes” or “dislikes” &  for YouTube Channel Subscriptions.

How to sign up for an account?
Click on the ‘’Sign up’’ menu on top of the page and enter
a valid email address and a password. Once you confirm your email address you are all set.

What are my advertising options?
RushBitcoin has innovative advertising opportunities: website visitors, YouTube likes & dislikes,
YouTube views & subscription. Go to the ‘’Advertise ‘’ menu and add a campaign.
Select the best advertising option for your needs and fill out the details for your campaign.
When setting a price, keep in mind that campaigns with a higher price are listed first/higher.

What are my earning options?
Visit the ‘’Earn’’ menu and you will see all the available offers.
You will be able to earn while visiting a website, watching a video, giving likes or dislikes
and subscribing to a YouTube channel.

Please make sure your browser settings allow popups from RushBitcoin!
Don’t close the popup window before completing your task, or you will not be credited.

How to add funds to advertise?
You can add funds via your bitcoin wallet by clicking on ‘’Add funds to advertise’’
in the “My Account’ menu. Minimum deposit: BTC 0.00030.
Once your deposit reaches 4 confirmations in the network it will be credited to your account.

How to make a withdrawal/cashout?
In order to make a withdrawal go to ‘’My Account’’ and click on ‘’ Submit withdrawal request’’.
You can make a withdrawal if your total balance is minimum 15000 Satoshi.
Withdrawals will be completed every 24 hours.

How to recover my password?
If you forgot your password access ‘’My Account’’ and click on ‘’Change Password ‘’.
A recovery link will be sent to your email address. (Please make sure to
check you spam folder as well.)

Do we allow multiple accounts?
To protect the integrity of the RushBitcoin advertising system only one account
per household is permitted. This is strictly enforced. Advertisers have paid for unique views
of their product/service. To safeguard the value of their advertising dollar the RushBitcoin
Fraud Prevention Department regularly reviews accounts for violations.